Why Should We All Backup?

We’re Humans use Hybrid Cloud-based Backup and Recovery which are secure and data is easy to access. Your data will be kept safe in the leverage local storage and offsite in the cloud with simple quick steps for both File and Folder Based Backup and Full Image Based Recovery.

However, many people may think that it does not make sense to spend money and time to back up the system and information again and again and again. Why is it necessary to backup data? We will find out why and also basic scenarios to learn together how to best recover data in different cases.

Why is It Important to Backup Data?

First of all, your data will be safe with us. Without the backup and if something happens, you may lose all data including the whole system. It is not only wasting time to install programs again, but all the information and work you have done shall be gone.

We’re Humans provides Reliable and Secure Backup with 99.999% UPTIME. Only the device owner will hold the private encryption key to the data. Therefore, all your data will be encrypted at rest in transmission with AES 128, 256, or 448-bit blowfish and all safe from download or device theft on site as well as being safe in transmission in the cloud.

Faster to Backup and Recovery will cause less impact on your CPU and ongoing bandwidth. It handles almost everything 9,000 files per second. Moreover, Regional Data Centers are covered the area around America, Europe and Australia which makes all recoveries faster in all locations around the world.


easy backup


Our backup is highly secured but not complicated to understand. It’s simple as 3,2,1 Backup Philosophy:

  • Three will be original data in your local computer and two more copies in the external hard drive and in the cloud.
  • Two types of media where we store backup data
  • One offsite copy in cloud system which is accessible from everywhere

How to plan for disaster recovery? 
To run a business, we all know that it is better to think of backup plans than to let bad things happen before we can solve it. Disasters for IT equipment is also necessary to have a backup plan before the system or device goes down. Here are three scenarios to consider in different crises:

Scenario 1 Operating System becomes corrupt

The OS of one of your servers becomes corrupt, but essential data is still there. This may come from a Windows update failure, malware or incomplete shutdown. The idea is to restore your system as a snapshot of the OS before it becomes corrupt. We’re Humans can perform a bare metal restore, and use a backup application that supports delta recovery to quickly bring the underlying data back online.

We can prevent this incident by keeping the antivirus up to date. Always test Windows updates or new software, and be sure to restrict access to the server room to prevent malicious or accidental modifications to the server. UPS is also helpful for power outages to prevent non-graceful shutdown.

Scenario 2 the Hard Drive Fails

This might come from a broken RAID set, overheating, or mechanical fault. It will be very easy if you use a backup solution by We’re Humans that we will suggest to preconfigure a virtual machine(VM) to be on standby. If any device goes down, you only need to press play on the preconfigured VM to restore from local storage to new hardware. Recover from the cloud by using MSP’s infrastructure, Azure, or AWS. Restore from a mountable VHD. When you create a standby image of your computer before, you can quickly open it in your virtual environment using Hyper-V or virtual Box.

We can prevent this incident by having the correct RAID configuration in place and/or replication mechanism with auto-failover. Moreover, keep your machines cool and dry.

Scenario 3 The Building is Down

Sometimes natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or excess snowfall can happen. It may damage the whole building including your IT room, causing big data lost. We’re Humans will help you to recover data from the cloud using your MSP’s infrastructure, Azure, or AWS. We use the backup solution that continuously recovers a preconfigured virtual machine(VM) in a remote location to be on standby. When the machine in your location goes down, you only need to press play on the preconfigured VM.

The safest way to prevent loss from the IT lost in this case is to have a replicated copy of the data and IT environment in a separate location like in the cloud, another regional office or at your MSP.

Trust Backup Service by Were Humans

Being proactive is better than being reactive. Sure! When you are dealing with unexpected situations, you need to make sure that you have the people, process, and methods in place to fix the problem as quickly as possible to help bringing the business back to normal.

If you get help from We’re Humans to make routine restore test with speedy and reliable recovery system for your data, you will have worry free from OS corruption, dead hard drive, or any disaster in the area. File and folder recovery and application recovery with SQL, Granular Exchange, Share Point and Oracle. Virtual Disaster Recovery and Bare Metal Recovery with Bootable USB or ISO and other backup solutions by We’re Humans will help to secure your data and provide easy access to restore.

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