Simple Tips to Create Brand Awareness on YouTube Ads for Free!

Over a billion views a month, people are watching YouTube. This is an interesting channel to communicate with large amounts of people, especially when you want to do marketing. You can quickly build Brand Awareness and create Word of Mouth for people to recognize your business widely and rapidly.

What is more interesting is how we are going to use YouTube ads sufficiently even when it is not effective like how it is designed. What I mean is we can create Brand Awareness even when people decide to skip or close your ads. Let’s go through each kind of YouTube ad and see how we can create Brand Awareness in this particular way.

1.) True View In-Steam Ads

This is the most popular way right now to advertise on YouTube. True View In-Steam Ads displays before YouTube videos. People can choose to continue watching or skip your ads.

Video is the most powerful way to send messages to people. True View In-Steam Ads grabs attention easily and can make people remember easily. One can choose to advertise on popular YouTube Channels, and can choose gender, age range, location, and kind of video content to put the ads on.

YouTube will charge only when they watch the ads for 30 seconds. If your ads is less than 30 minutes, YouTube will charge when they watch it until the end. Expenses are around 1 Bath for 1 view, but when people click “Skip,” you don’t need to pay.

Tips for True View In-Steam Ads

Video is the best way to communicate with people. Picture, sound, and movements can easily create memories in our mind.

Do your best for the first 3-5 seconds before they click “skip”

Give them ideas, something to remember, touch the feelings, and make them recognize your brand…

Try to embed the logo, name, color, slogan and whatever you can to their memories before they click “skip,” (but not too much detail).

Then it’s not important whether they watch your video until the end or not.

Longer doesn’t mean that it will be better.

If you can make everything concise and also be able to make people recognize your brand in few seconds, it will be excellent. The technique is to make the video not too long, and make sure that the first 3-5 seconds contain all necessary information. If it is long, some people may not have time to watch until the end. Many of them click skip but still are able to get full message from the beginning of the video, and it doesn’t cost any money.

 brand awareness from Youtube ads

  1. YouTube Overlay Ads

YouTube Overlay Ads is a pair of banners designed to show on popular video clips or the clip that specific group of people watch it. Overlay Ads display at the bottom of the video and one more above suggested video on the right side of the screen (Watch Page). When people click on the banner they will enter your website or your Facebook page.

It is easier to create a banner than a video. You only need to create 2 sizes of banners: 480 x 70 and 300 x 250 pixel. Your ads will reach large amounts of people in a short time with lower budget than creating a video clip. Demographics can be selected such as gender, location, range of age, time, topic and detail of video. Pay per Click is around 3 Baht per click.

Tips for YouTube Overlay Ads

Creating both banners in the same concept will make Overlay Ads more effective. It enhances company image showing how professional your company is and will grab people’s attention to remember your brand.

When your ad is not moving, use colors to catch the eyes of your audience.

Your banner design is the key for success. Focus on the main theme of your brand. What is the main color? Logo, name, slogan, and presenter. This will help people to recognize your brand and they will recall afterwards.

Choose the proper keywords to target your specific market

It’s like when you put a billboard near the road and people who pass this billboard can see it. It creates Brand Awareness, but to do with YouTube is much better. Since a lot of people are using YouTube and people who can see your ads seem to have an interest in common with  your business (from the keywords they use). This will reduce irrelevant viewers to get annoyed. Those people one day they may have interest in your business as well.

Create Brand Awareness on Youtube Ads

We normally click skip or close ads as soon as it shows on the screen. Despite this, we have seen the ads already. It created Brand Awareness and linked to people’s mind when they decide to choose a product.

We can professionally invent advertisements to catch people’s eyes and feelings to make them recognize your company and product. Go directly and quickly to the main idea and take this chance of few seconds to let people see your logo,color or name. After that if they close it, this would be fine.

If they continue to watch or click the link to your page, that’s perfect. The expenses is not a lot, only 1 or 3 Baht per view or click for each kind of ads. This is the concept to create Brand Awareness from YouTube ads from those few seconds and it doesn’t cost any money.

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