How Much Does Social Media Matter for SEO?

Buzzfeed” may not be recognized much if  not for Facebook. Their videos get a lot of likes and shares every day and spread everywhere from user to users. “Almost everyone knows Buzzfeed.” We now use Social Media to advertise and are usually happy with the feedback. Whatever we say, people from all the around the world can hear it.

What is interesting about this phenomena is that the social signals, such as Facebook’s “Like and Share,” may cause huge waves on SEO?!?!

This Facebook post got a lot of “Likes.” It must improve SEO!

Facebook “Share” increases opportunity for people to visit website, so it is one factor among many that relates to a better rank on Google.

Many people presume that it should have some connections between a page that has more “Likes and Shares” on Facebook and that automatically correlates to a better rank on Google. Is this really true?

Some popular questions right now which you may also want to know the answer to: How much can Social Media effect SEO? Or How high the ranking on Search Engine we will get if we post something on Social Media and get a lot of Likes?

The shocking answer is “Not at all!”

facebook like on social media

Social media interaction does not directly relate to the rank improvement. It’s not one of the 200+ ranking factors for Google to rank a website, and Google also confirms their standing point that it does not relate to the ranking.

Google will show your Facebook profile when people search, but does not crawl on every post on Facebook. Thus, no matter how much your posts can get more “Like or Share,” Google will not know it.

However, you may have some other benefit from “Likes and Shares” from Facebook, but it’s something else which does not reflect the ranking of SEO.

The explanation is that Facebook is a big Social Media, but not the entire internet.

Facebook is only a part on the internet. To consider another Social Media would be the same. Instragram and Twitter accounts may show on Google when you search, but the post that a lot of people retweeted or liked doesn’t prove that it will have more chance to show on Google more than the other one.

Yeah, and Google is not the entire internet as well!

Although the biggest Search Engine like Google may not count “Likes and Shares,” some others are doing it. Bing, however, as the second most-used search Engine, has a clear statement that they do count Social Signals. This means that when you work on SEO on Bing, you have to think in another way.

Don’t miss the point!

The future is something we cannot guess. Google may be counting Social Signals as one of the factors for website rank. Then the Social Media will have great impact on SEO.

Moreover, we should focus on Social Media for other parts of marketing such as branding which is also very important for marketing. A lot of “Likes and Shares” can guarantee exposure of your company name and logo and this will help with brand recoginition.

Search Engines are important but many people are using social media and spend a lot of time each day there. This means that you should not rely on only the rank on Google. Facebook announced in 2015 that they are working on artificial intelligence algorithms related to search so the future of search will change in the future. A good marketing company will keep up on both search engine techniques as well as social media techniques and know what both are used best for.

When considering your marketing approach remember there are a lot of tools, and they all have different results. Finding the best mx to stay ahead of your competition will give you an edge and keep your business competitive even in tough markets.

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