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When you want to make a good website for your business, who will you think of? Considering Human Design Company that can help you with every step on a new website design. Look for a person that can design and develop a website for you. Someone who has the ability to use difficult codes and logical rules to form the layout, and is creative enough to design from the concept to make your website attractive enough for your visitors.

Many believe that one person is enough to design and develop a good website.

Why not?

HUMAN Website Design and Developer

Normally you can find a Designer and Developer Hybrid, especially freelancers, which can make a website for you. However, most of them do not have deep knowledge, skills and experience in both fields. They can specialize in only one field, or nothing. (Except that, you have found a genius) I am not saying that the person like that does not exist, but it is very rare to have somebody that can work well for both designing and building websites. The best solution is to let two people that are good at each field to work together. The result will be greater than you can imagine.

Graphic Design is Like an Architect for a Website

There is a big difference between Web Designer and a Developer. Graphic Designers focuses on the look and feel of the website. Working with creativity and imagination to develop great user experiences (UX). The designer is knowledgeable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver, and sometimes needs to work with HTML and CSS. They design the overall theme of the website including color scheming and graphics. Moreover, it is fashion! This refers to something that keeps changing all the time then you need to keep updating. Werehumans can make it classy and elegant; on the other hand, it can be super chic and avant-garde to attract different groups of customers.


human design by We're Humans


Web Developers Construct the Website Just Like Engineers Do to the Building

Web Developers are logical and technical website builders that create the inner workings of a website and develop the user interface. They should be able to work in PHP, .Net, C, SAP, Pytghon, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and need to know about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Web Developers build the structure of the website, following the theme and design from designer. Ideally, you will see both Developers and Graphic Designers work together for the best outcome as we do here for Human Design at Werehumans.

We’re Human Design Websites

In general, you can easily find a Hybrid Graphic Designer and Web Developer or a freelancer from the internet, people that can make a standard website for you. It is also very economical; however, if you have higher expectations and desire to have the best quality website that is easier to manage and more secured, it is better to have two people that are strong in Graphic Design and Web Development, helping each other to create an effective website like what we do at Werehumans.

If you would like your website to have the best human design from a professional Graphic Designer, and developed by an experienced Web Developer at Werehumans, discuss with us here to create the most beautiful and functional website of your own.

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